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Monday, February 22, 2010

busy as a bee

One of my favorite state of beings is being busy. I'm always doing, and while I'm doing, I'm thinking about other things I should be/want to be doing. It can be a little bit overwhelming at times, but I love it. I love all of my to-do lists, especially the projects list(s). Here are a few things that have gotten crossed off lately:

1. Apron for our Homeliving Center

It's made with cute Pooh fabric that matches the curtains in my classroom. More matching aprons and a how to coming soon.

2. Fabric colored pencil roll

I couldn't make it through a day without these. Seriously, I use them for everything... they really come in handy when you work with kids. I did just have them all in a drawer in my desk with an ugly rubber band around them... but I like this way better. It's cuter, more organized, and easier to get to. Lovely.

3. Organizational tray for my desk

I'm a mess. I'm always cleaning up messes I constantly make... which is where a nice little place to put all those things I use too often to throw in a drawer, but looked really cluttery (Yes, it's a word. Why? Because I said so!)just laying around on my desk to get pushed wherever comes in handy. (Wow, longest run on sentence ever!) Mod Podge, paint, and scrapbook paper gave me the creative solution. Plus, who doesn't need a little splash of color?

4. The first of my Little Dresses for Africa

I LOVE this idea! When I came across it, I knew it was something I had to do. This organization is so amazing, I had tears in my eyes just reading their blog. They have people all across the country making beautiful dresses out of pillowcases, and they distribute them to little girls in Africa to raise self confidence and spread the love of God. They have ideas for sewing parites, but I don't know of anyone else that sews... but I decided I would still do it, just one little dress at a time. If you do sew, live in the area, and you want to work together on this project, please let me know! Also, if you have any extra pillowcases, don't get rid of them, give them to me! I will be doing a longer post dedicated to LDFA when I finish the first batch to send. Even if you don't sew you can make donations of pillow cases, bias tape, money for shipping, etc.

There are a few other things, but I haven't taken pictures yet, so I will post them when I find a few minutes to snap a few pictures. I started a brand new project today, involving this beat up, ugly old table I had in my classroom.

Can't wait to share the finished project! I'm half way through, and it's already super cute and kid friendly!

Last thing to celebrate- Monday is over! Least favorite day of the week down, six more lovely days to go!

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