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Saturday, February 20, 2010

Confessions of a Tanning Addict

Have you ever seen those drop dead gorgeous pale, porcelain skinned models? I don't look like them. My pale skin is hideous... so I started going to the tanning bed religiously. I've spent at least four years visiting the tanning bed on an almost daily basis, and a small fortune funding that oh-so-bad-for-you habit. Don't get me wrong, I never let myself get so dark that it was scary, but I always had a nice little bronze glow. After a recent skin cancer scare I decided enough was enough, that I was going to give up tanned skin for safe skin. That was all well and good, until a month went by and I wasn't so tan anymore. I hated the way my clothes looked against my pale skin, I hated the way my not-naturally so dark hair looked against my pale face. I felt... ugly... and every girl out there knows what a confidence killer feeling unattractive can be. So I relapsed to the tanning bed a few times, but I always felt super paranoid that a malignant tumor was invading my body and all I could think about was that being tan wasn't worth dying for. So, I began my quest to find a self tanner I could live with. Now, I HATE self tanners. I hate the way they smell, I hate the orange tinge they give your skin, I hate putting them on, I hate the way they streak, I hate the way they make your hands look dirty. That is, until I found the wonder of wonders. A self tanner I actually liked.
TA-DA! Fake Bake!

I was really skeptical at first, but Rebecca had it in stock when I got my hair done, so I figured, really what do I have to lose... and thus my newest addiction was born. It's wonderful. It takes me less time to put it on than it did to lay in the tanning bed. It's a little pricey for a self tanner, but way cheaper than my roughly $80 a month tanning habit. Best of all, it's way healthier than all those cancer-causing UV rays. It comes out brown so you can see where you put it. YOU HAVE TO FOLLOW THE DIRECTIONS (duh, but you never know...), but the results are beautifully realistic. It was a nice day today, so I wore a short dress and boots, and at least three people commented on my "beautiful tan". They couldn't tell it was from a bottle, and if I didn't put it on myself, I wouldn't be able to tell either. One of the entries on my life's to-do list was to quit the tanning bed. Check- I finally cancelled my tanning membership today, and I couldn't be happier with my bottle tan.
For more information- www.fakebake.com

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