"I like nonsense, it wakes up the brain cells." -Dr. Seuss


Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Marbles = found

I love, love, love how funny little kids are without even meaning to be... They make me laugh all the time! We had one of those funny moments today. When someone is being extra silly, I always say "Are you crazy? Have you gone bananas? Have you lost your marbles?" The kids have picked it up too, and usually I have a chorus of little voices saying the words with me. They say it to each other, too. It's just one of those silly things we say, but it usually reminds them to take the crazy down a notch. I don't allow marbles in the classroom, because they are just the perfect size for sticking in one's nose, mouth, ears, and other body cavities... I would just rather not go there. I've confiscated several and I have them in the top drawer of my desk. I was hanging a bulletin board today, and asked one of my kids to grab something out of my desk drawer. She opened the drawer, and her face lit up. I was wondering what was so exciting when she reaches in, pulls out two marbles and says, "Miss Ashley! I found your marbles!" I just died, it was the funniest thing I've heard in a long time. Then came the conversation about how funny things we say don't mean exactly what the words mean. It ended with a lot of laughs all around, the best possible way.

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